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Online-Jewelry Stores Offer Great Gifts for Dad

Finding the perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day can be a bit trickier than buying for mom on Mother’s Day.It is easier for mom, for many reasons.There are traditional items for moms, such as jewelry, flowers, perfume, etc.For Dad, we tend to focus in on his hobbies; a drill saw, golf clubs, lawn mower, etc.In other words, we usually think of purchasing a more functional item.

We seem to forget, that our fathers might appreciate a timeless and less functional gift for themselves.After all, men are less likely to purchase a luxury item for themselves, and what better way for us to show our dads how much we appreciate them than with a thoughtful and a bit more extravagant Father’s Day gift!.

There are many fabulous items to choose from when looking to buy your father’s day gift from an online store.One place you might not have thought of but where you can find that perfect gift for dad is an online jewelry site.You can find great buys, as well as timeless and luxurious items, that dad might not either have the time, or inclination to buy for himself.If your dad wears jewelry, you can find a vast array of men rings, men’s necklaces, and men’s bracelets, at these sites. If your dad is not a jewelry wearer, how about a designer watch, or a pair of stately cufflinks, both available online. You can find some terrific buys on brand name watches such as Bulova watches, Citizen watches, Invicta watches, Pulsar, Rado and more.A truly unique gift might be a 14k or 18k gold pair of art deco reproduction cufflinks, in solid gold or with gemstones. After all, every man needs at least one pair of fancy cufflinks in his accessory wardrobe. If your gift choice is more than you wanted to spend, maybe a few family members can chip in, or you could take advantage of the online jewelry store coupons, discounts, and lay-away plans, which many now offer.

So this Father’s Day, think out of the box, and surprise your Father with something he most probably wouldn’t buy for himself, but will be really happy you did!

Interesting Trend: The Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

As owners of a website offering fine, gold, designer handcrafted jewelry, and specializing in bridal selections, we’ve been noticing an interesting trend amongst our customers.  It appears that some soon to be engaged couples are purchasing birthstone engagement rings for the bride-to-be.  The most popular choices, lately, have been the gemstone in the center, flanked by diamonds on either side, such as with the pink sapphire diamond three stone ring, or emerald diamond three stone ring, as well as ruby diamond  three stone ring.

It is an interesting phenomenon, and I was surprised, myself, when I got my first call from a woman on the west coast inquiring about purchasing a gemstone ring as her engagement ring. I realize now, that while diamonds are the most popular gems for wedding and engagement jewelry, birthstone engagement rings are increasing in popularity for women for several reasons.  First of all, some people always want to do things differently than others, they pride themselves on doing things out of the mainstream, and marching to their own drummer.  What grander way to make a statement on your uniqueness than with a birthstone ring as your engagement ring? Secondly, a birthstone ring can potentially cost far less than traditional diamond rings, because many birthstones are semi-precious gems, which typically have a lower value because they are less rare.  And finally, some woman might find the birthstone ring just layered with symbolism and sentiment.

The easiest choice for birthstone rings is to use the bride’s birthstone. You can use the birthstone as an alternative center stone instead of the traditional diamond.  With regards to using birthstones in engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind the fragility of certain gems.  For example, while a sapphire is very suitable to be worn as an engagement stone because of its durability,  an opal or a tanzanite is not.  It is something to consider, unless of course you will not be wearing your engagement ring every day. If longevity is what you are looking for in your birthstone engagement ring, try to choose a gem that can take the wear usually associated with an engagement ring.

Whatever your reason for choosing a birthstone engagement ring,  the combination of  semi-precious or precious stones and diamonds, are sure to make for a  unique and stunning engagement  ring.  You can also dress it up with a matching wedding band of alternating  diamonds and your birthstone gem.

Emerald Gemstone: May’s Birthstone, Facts and Folklore

When purchasing jewelry as a gift, you may want to consider buying emerald Gemstone that includes a person’s birthstone. For this month, the month of May, emerald is the birthstone of choice.As stunning as this popular, precious stone is, there is much to consider when purchasing it.You may be in the market for a loose emerald stone, emerald ring, emerald anniversary band, emerald diamond ring, three stone emerald ring, emerald bracelet, emerald necklace, whatever your choice, there is much to look for and consider. Learn about emeralds and buy with confidence. The 4c’s cut, clarity, color and carat, apply to emerald as well as diamonds, and to all gemstones. There is also much folklore and history that surrounds the emerald stone.

Emeralds, belonging to the beryl family are most often found in different shades of green. Depending on the presence of  chromium and vanadium, the emerald’s color can range from a grassy green to yellowish or bluish green.The finest quality emerald bears a “lime jello” color. Color is the most important factor when determining its’ price.In fact, smaller emeralds with richer, better color, command a higher price than bigger stones with a weaker color. When it comes to cut, the precision and delicacy of the cut determines the price of the stone.emeralds can be cut in a variety of ways including the traditional “emerald cutas well as rounds, ovals, squares and cabuchons. Heavily flawed stones are most frequently given cabuchon cuts. As far as clarity goes, (clearness of the stone) unlike diamonds,emeralds, almost always have inclusions and are rarely flawless.In fact, emerald connoisseurs will not purchase an emerald unless they can see the inclusions because they assume they are fake or laboratory created.emeralds are measured in carat.emeralds with the best color and few inclusions become very expensive, as they are so rare.

Emeralds have a fascinating history.Traditionally, emeralds are worn to promote healing and enhance love and contentment. emeralds are traditionally thought to enhance the clairvoyance of their wearers. Mummies were often buried with emeralds and the gems were popular in ancient Rome, but some think that many of the stones called emeralds in ancient times were actually peridot. They have graced Crown Jewels and embellished the thrones of some of the oldest dynasties in history.In ancient times emeralds held a real fascination for the people.emeralds were, in fact, considered to be a cure for many diseases. As a result of such claims, emeralds were greatly sought after and a profitable trade was established between Egypt and nations as far away as India. The Egyptian monopoly on the world supply of emeralds lasted right up until the Sixteenth Century, C E. Cleopatra valued her lustrous emeralds so greatly that the ancient mines in Egypt are now called Cleopatra’s Mines — there they discovered emeralds of breathtaking size and beauty. From mines in the Egyptian desert, not far from the Nile River, emeralds made their way to all parts of the ‘known world’. The finest emeralds are found in Colombia; other sources are Russia, Zimbabwe, and Australia. In ancient times emeralds were believed to improve low I Q and poor eyesight.emeralds have an interesting legacy of violence, romance, and controversy. Scholars wore emeralds to strengthen their memory and become more eloquent. Unlike diamonds and rubies, there is no abundance of emeralds, and that is probably the reason why these mystical pagan green gems are more expensive than any other jewel. And, carat for carat, they are the most expensive gems in the world. Why such a high price? A large part of the reason is that emeralds are rare gems.

Buying emerald jewelry for the May birthday girl, makes it that much more personal and special.The emerald, so brilliant,beautiful and steeped in history and folklore, will make the perfect gift, as long as you know what you are buying, so you get the best quality for your money.