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What to look for when choosing a mounting

Now that you have found the perfect gem, all you need to do is make sure it is displayed well and held securely in place.

To judge the quality of the jewelry setting, pay close attention to details. Is the metal holding the stone even and smoothly finished so it won’t catch on clothing? Is the stone held firmly and square in the setting? Is the metal well polished with no little burrs of metal or pockmarks?

Inexpensive jewelry often is very lightweight to give you a bigger look for the money. If a piece is lightweight, pay special attention to the prongs holding the stone: are they sturdy? Do they grip the stone tightly? You won’t be happy about the money you saved in gold cost if you lose your stone!

If the piece is gold, does it have a karat stamp mark? Is the company trademark stamped next to it? If it is, the company is standing behind that mark and assuring you that the karat stamp is as stated.

When buying a necklace, make sure it lays well around the neck. Try it on or ask a sales clerk to model it so you can check how it fits against the skin. For earrings, check to make sure that they hang well from the ear and don’t tip forward. Designs that are asymmetrical should have a left and right which mirror each other.

Here is one final hint from real jewelry buying pros: if a piece of jewelry is really well made, the back will be well finished also.

If you are buying a gift and you are not sure about the style of the piece of jewelry, why not give the perfect gemstone in a black velvet pouch and let the lucky recipient design her own perfect setting: many jewelers offer custom design services. Gems can speak louder than words. You can choose a gemstone that symbolizes what you want to say with your gift.

Tips on searching and getting the right quality stone

Buying a gem is a beginning of a life-long relationship and the price you pay is part of the deal. Understandably, you don’t want to pay too much..

So how can you tell if you are paying the right price?

First of all, don’t ask how much you should pay for a one-carat sapphire. A one carat precious stone can be worth few dollars or it can be worth up to $10.000. Quality makes the difference. Fortunately you can see differences in quality if you look at a lot of sapphire, ruby or emerald by looking side-by-side. Better color costs more, a lot more. Better clarity costs more. Better cut may cost a little more but it is worth it! The bigger the stone, the more it is per carat. Within each variety, prices are based on these four Cs, with color as the most important factor.

But different varieties have different price ranges. Some varieties are lower in price because they are readily available, some because the color isn’t very popular (brown and yellow stones, for example), some because the material is relatively soft, and some because …they have all the right stuff but no one knows it. There are plenty of examples of beautiful rare gemstones that cost less than gems that are less rare because they have a funny name, or people get them confused with an inexpensive variety or no one has ever heard of them. But enough about the injustice of the gem market.

We can break the price ranges of the different gem varieties down into five basic categories: traditional gemstones, new classics, connoisseur gems, collector gemstones, and affordable gems. These categories have basic price ranges, but, again lower quality stones or stones with less popular colors may cost less and stones with particularly fine quality or color may cost more. These price ranges are meant to give you a general idea of the relationship of prices between different kinds of gemstones and not to serve as a price list, since color and quality can make such a difference.

The traditional gemstones are ruby, emerald and blue sapphire. Because of their lasting appeal and distinguished history, ruby, emerald and sapphire are more valuable than other colored gemstones. Generally, ruby and emerald are also priced higher than a comparable quality sapphire due to rarity. For a one-carat stone of average to good quality in the varieties in this category, you can expect to pay between $250 and $10,000 per carat. Of course truly fine gems will cost more.

The new classics are gemstones that are the rising stars of gemstone jewelry: tanzanite, tourmaline, aquamarine,imperial topaz, and tsavorite garnet. These gemstones are sometimes available in standardized sizes but you really should look at some fine larger single stones to see why they have so many fans. Gems in this category range between $50 to $1,000 per carat for an average to good quality one carat stone, with a good example of tsavorite easily reaching $1500 per carat. depend on the size

Connoisseur gems are gemstones that have a more specialized market because they are more rare. These gemstones include black opal, jadeite, pink topaz, chrysoberyl cat’s-eye, fancy colored sapphires, and rare stones like demantoid garnet and alexandrite. These gemstones are highly prized and prices range from $250 to $1000 per carat, although alexandrite with a good color change will command at least $2000 even in a one-carat size.

Collector’s gems are not available in quantity to be marketed effectively so you get a lot of beauty for the money. This category includes spinel, zircon, moonstone, morganite and other beryls, and many rare gemstones. Red and hot pink spinels can command a few thousand per carat but most of the gems in this category will sell for hundreds not thousands.

Then there are the affordable gemstones, which combine great color with a surprisingly reasonable price and good availability. These gems include some old favorites and some new gems: amethyst, white opal, citrineperidot, rhodolite garnet, blue topaz, iolite, chrome diopside, kunzite, andalusite, and many ornamental gemstones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx, chrysoprase, nephrite jade, and amber. Prices for these gemstone range between $5 and $100 per carat for a one carat stone.

In every variety, especially the more expensive ones, you should expect to pay more for matched pairs, sets, and special shapes and cuts.

The Advantage of Buying Brand Name Watches

Cartier Tank Francaise Watch Model W51005Q4

Cartier Tank Francaise Watch Model W51005Q4

So, you’ve decided that you definitely want brand name watch and you’ve done the research, you know the differences between a brand name watch and a replica, but you still haven’t figured out what name brand you want to purchase. With a little name brand watching, you’ll have it figured out in no time at all.

Where to start your name brand watch search

The best place to start is consumer reports. Read what other people think about the make and model of the brand name watch that you’re interested in. Know what each brand offers. Know how the quality of the different brands measure up to one another. This is a lot like researching the make and model of a new car.

Each company has their rendition of the sedan, but the Infinity and the Jaquer are a lot nicer looking than say, the Camry, but what about quality? Which one is made better? This is something that you need to research while you’re “name brand watching”. It’s also vital to look at what else the company has made, and how long the company has been around.

Sometimes new companies evolve, and put out a great product for a minimal cost, just because they are trying to break into the market. Don’t over look those guys! Read ratings, other peoples opinions, ask around! You may find that you’re getting twice the quality for half the cost.

But buyer beware, sometimes, unfortunately, you do get what you pay for, so don’t make a hasty decision with your fingers crossed and expect to come out on top. Look for something reliable. A brand name watch is an investment

Also check into a warranty just in case something does go wrong. This is another great thing to look into during your “name brand watching”. Some companies offer a better warranty system than the others. And with an investment like this, you want to be protected.

These are just a few ways to get your feet off the ground and do a thorough study to learn and watch different name brands.

There are few site that  offers free online help comparison when buying a watch. A huge range of online resources including . Brietlingomega,  cartier, rado , invicta and much more

Designing Your Own Designer Diamond Rings Online

Shopping for the perfect designer ring for your engagement or wedding ring can be an exciting but overwhelming experience.  Jewelry counters are filled with hundreds of diamond and gold rings, but sometimes none are ‘just right’.  Perhaps you see a beautiful ring in platinum,  but you would prefer a diamond ring in yellow gold.  Or, maybe you are looking for a unusual setting for a diamond ring to give your fiance a designer ring that reflects her unique personality.  Designing your own ring online lets you create a beautiful ring that you won’t find in any store.

Creating your own diamond designer ring online has many advantages.  As the designer of the ring, you can make it to your exact preferences, choosing the setting for the engagement ring, the size and type of gemstone you want in the ring, and the color of the metal.  Create a completely unique diamond ring in yellow gold, platinum or silver.  Add other gemstones such as Tanzanite, emerald or rubies to your diamond designer ring.  Using you and your fiancé’s birthstone, or the stone from the month that you met is an extremely romantic way to add extra special meaning to your engagement ring and is just one of the ways that you can create a one-of-kind designer ring that has personal meaning.

Browse through a selection of settings for engagement rings online to get an idea for what style you are looking for.  Do you want something simple and classic, such as a plain band with a princess cut solitaire diamond?  Or maybe you want to create an unusual setting for a diamond ring, with trillion cut gemstones and an asymmetrical design?  When designing settings for an engagement ring, try to imagine what you (or your fiance) will wear.  You want to design a beautiful ring that will be worn every day, and will match the wearer’s sense of style.  An unusual setting of diamond ring might not be appreciated by someone who has a more traditional style,  while the simpler, popular settings for an engagement ring might seem boring to a woman to likes to look different.

One big advantage of designing rings online is that you are able to work to your budget.  By changing the size, quality and type of gemstones in your designer ring, or the metal in the setting of an engagement ring, you can adjust the cost.  For example by choosing a setting for your diamond ring in yellow gold you may be able to afford a larger gemstone than if you opted for one of the more expensive platinum settings for an engagement ring.

Another plus is that you can design in your own time,  playing with an almost endless selection of settings for an engagement ring, swapping gemstone shapes and colors, and even letting friends and family preview the designs to get their opinion on your designer ring.  You will save time by not trailing around the jewelry shops trying to find the perfect, beautiful ring and will have fun creating your own, unique diamond designer ring.