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Latest News in Fashion Jewelry

JewelryNest Features

Latest News in Fashion Jewelry

JewelryNest Features

Latest News in Fashion Jewelry

JewelryNest Features

Latest News in Fashion Jewelry

JewelryNest Features

Latest News in Fashion Jewelry


Jewelry: A Timeless Investment

Buying Jewelry on non-holidays is the best and most meaningful time.

When it comes to buying jewelry, most people think the best time to buy and give is during the holidays; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day,The reality is, however, that the best time to buy jewelry is not during holidays at all, and for the true bargain hunter, the best deals are found post holidays.

During the holidays you’re most likely going to pay closer to full price because most jewellers generate one-third of their annual revenues and almost 100% of their annual profits in those two months You’re going to get great value the other eight months of the year ..

Another, and more sentimental reason to give jewelry (the gift of love) during non-holidays, is because fewer are doing it, and also, there’s no other reason than to say. “it’s an ordinary Tuesday, but you are so special, or “I love you so much, I just had to give you this.People expect jewelry during the holidays, but they probably do not expect it during the ordinary work week. Letting someone know they are special to you, should not be reserved for the holidays.

So when the holiday season ends – try visiting jewelers and online jewelry stores for great deals on fine jewelry including earrings, bracelets, diamond rings, gemstone jewelry, bridal jewelry, engagement and anniversary jewelry, eternity bands, custom orders, and more. Prices will assuredly be lower, and jewelry giving will be that much more special to the receiver when it is being given.

Online-Jewelry Stores Offer Great Gifts for Dad

Finding the perfect gift for Dad on Father’s Day can be a bit trickier than buying for mom on Mother’s Day.It is easier for mom, for many reasons.There are traditional items for moms, such as jewelry, flowers, perfume, etc.For Dad, we tend to focus in on his hobbies; a drill saw, golf clubs, lawn mower, etc.In other words, we usually think of purchasing a more functional item.

We seem to forget, that our fathers might appreciate a timeless and less functional gift for themselves.After all, men are less likely to purchase a luxury item for themselves, and what better way for us to show our dads how much we appreciate them than with a thoughtful and a bit more extravagant Father’s Day gift!.

There are many fabulous items to choose from when looking to buy your father’s day gift from an online store.One place you might not have thought of but where you can find that perfect gift for dad is an online jewelry site.You can find great buys, as well as timeless and luxurious items, that dad might not either have the time, or inclination to buy for himself.If your dad wears jewelry, you can find a vast array of men rings, men’s necklaces, and men’s bracelets, at these sites. If your dad is not a jewelry wearer, how about a designer watch, or a pair of stately cufflinks, both available online. You can find some terrific buys on brand name watches such as Bulova watches, Citizen watches, Invicta watches, Pulsar, Rado and more.A truly unique gift might be a 14k or 18k gold pair of art deco reproduction cufflinks, in solid gold or with gemstones. After all, every man needs at least one pair of fancy cufflinks in his accessory wardrobe. If your gift choice is more than you wanted to spend, maybe a few family members can chip in, or you could take advantage of the online jewelry store coupons, discounts, and lay-away plans, which many now offer.

So this Father’s Day, think out of the box, and surprise your Father with something he most probably wouldn’t buy for himself, but will be really happy you did!

Interesting Trend: The Non-Traditional Engagement Ring

As owners of a website offering fine, gold, designer handcrafted jewelry, and specializing in bridal selections, we’ve been noticing an interesting trend amongst our customers.  It appears that some soon to be engaged couples are purchasing birthstone engagement rings for the bride-to-be.  The most popular choices, lately, have been the gemstone in the center, flanked by diamonds on either side, such as with the pink sapphire diamond three stone ring, or emerald diamond three stone ring, as well as ruby diamond  three stone ring.

It is an interesting phenomenon, and I was surprised, myself, when I got my first call from a woman on the west coast inquiring about purchasing a gemstone ring as her engagement ring. I realize now, that while diamonds are the most popular gems for wedding and engagement jewelry, birthstone engagement rings are increasing in popularity for women for several reasons.  First of all, some people always want to do things differently than others, they pride themselves on doing things out of the mainstream, and marching to their own drummer.  What grander way to make a statement on your uniqueness than with a birthstone ring as your engagement ring? Secondly, a birthstone ring can potentially cost far less than traditional diamond rings, because many birthstones are semi-precious gems, which typically have a lower value because they are less rare.  And finally, some woman might find the birthstone ring just layered with symbolism and sentiment.

The easiest choice for birthstone rings is to use the bride’s birthstone. You can use the birthstone as an alternative center stone instead of the traditional diamond.  With regards to using birthstones in engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind the fragility of certain gems.  For example, while a sapphire is very suitable to be worn as an engagement stone because of its durability,  an opal or a tanzanite is not.  It is something to consider, unless of course you will not be wearing your engagement ring every day. If longevity is what you are looking for in your birthstone engagement ring, try to choose a gem that can take the wear usually associated with an engagement ring.

Whatever your reason for choosing a birthstone engagement ring,  the combination of  semi-precious or precious stones and diamonds, are sure to make for a  unique and stunning engagement  ring.  You can also dress it up with a matching wedding band of alternating  diamonds and your birthstone gem.

Emerald Gemstone: May’s Birthstone, Facts and Folklore

When purchasing jewelry as a gift, you may want to consider buying emerald Gemstone that includes a person’s birthstone. For this month, the month of May, emerald is the birthstone of choice.As stunning as this popular, precious stone is, there is much to consider when purchasing it.You may be in the market for a loose emerald stone, emerald ring, emerald anniversary band, emerald diamond ring, three stone emerald ring, emerald bracelet, emerald necklace, whatever your choice, there is much to look for and consider. Learn about emeralds and buy with confidence. The 4c’s cut, clarity, color and carat, apply to emerald as well as diamonds, and to all gemstones. There is also much folklore and history that surrounds the emerald stone.

Emeralds, belonging to the beryl family are most often found in different shades of green. Depending on the presence of  chromium and vanadium, the emerald’s color can range from a grassy green to yellowish or bluish green.The finest quality emerald bears a “lime jello” color. Color is the most important factor when determining its’ price.In fact, smaller emeralds with richer, better color, command a higher price than bigger stones with a weaker color. When it comes to cut, the precision and delicacy of the cut determines the price of the stone.emeralds can be cut in a variety of ways including the traditional “emerald cutas well as rounds, ovals, squares and cabuchons. Heavily flawed stones are most frequently given cabuchon cuts. As far as clarity goes, (clearness of the stone) unlike diamonds,emeralds, almost always have inclusions and are rarely flawless.In fact, emerald connoisseurs will not purchase an emerald unless they can see the inclusions because they assume they are fake or laboratory created.emeralds are measured in carat.emeralds with the best color and few inclusions become very expensive, as they are so rare.

Emeralds have a fascinating history.Traditionally, emeralds are worn to promote healing and enhance love and contentment. emeralds are traditionally thought to enhance the clairvoyance of their wearers. Mummies were often buried with emeralds and the gems were popular in ancient Rome, but some think that many of the stones called emeralds in ancient times were actually peridot. They have graced Crown Jewels and embellished the thrones of some of the oldest dynasties in history.In ancient times emeralds held a real fascination for the people.emeralds were, in fact, considered to be a cure for many diseases. As a result of such claims, emeralds were greatly sought after and a profitable trade was established between Egypt and nations as far away as India. The Egyptian monopoly on the world supply of emeralds lasted right up until the Sixteenth Century, C E. Cleopatra valued her lustrous emeralds so greatly that the ancient mines in Egypt are now called Cleopatra’s Mines — there they discovered emeralds of breathtaking size and beauty. From mines in the Egyptian desert, not far from the Nile River, emeralds made their way to all parts of the ‘known world’. The finest emeralds are found in Colombia; other sources are Russia, Zimbabwe, and Australia. In ancient times emeralds were believed to improve low I Q and poor eyesight.emeralds have an interesting legacy of violence, romance, and controversy. Scholars wore emeralds to strengthen their memory and become more eloquent. Unlike diamonds and rubies, there is no abundance of emeralds, and that is probably the reason why these mystical pagan green gems are more expensive than any other jewel. And, carat for carat, they are the most expensive gems in the world. Why such a high price? A large part of the reason is that emeralds are rare gems.

Buying emerald jewelry for the May birthday girl, makes it that much more personal and special.The emerald, so brilliant,beautiful and steeped in history and folklore, will make the perfect gift, as long as you know what you are buying, so you get the best quality for your money.

What to look for when choosing a mounting

Now that you have found the perfect gem, all you need to do is make sure it is displayed well and held securely in place.

To judge the quality of the jewelry setting, pay close attention to details. Is the metal holding the stone even and smoothly finished so it won’t catch on clothing? Is the stone held firmly and square in the setting? Is the metal well polished with no little burrs of metal or pockmarks?

Inexpensive jewelry often is very lightweight to give you a bigger look for the money. If a piece is lightweight, pay special attention to the prongs holding the stone: are they sturdy? Do they grip the stone tightly? You won’t be happy about the money you saved in gold cost if you lose your stone!

If the piece is gold, does it have a karat stamp mark? Is the company trademark stamped next to it? If it is, the company is standing behind that mark and assuring you that the karat stamp is as stated.

When buying a necklace, make sure it lays well around the neck. Try it on or ask a sales clerk to model it so you can check how it fits against the skin. For earrings, check to make sure that they hang well from the ear and don’t tip forward. Designs that are asymmetrical should have a left and right which mirror each other.

Here is one final hint from real jewelry buying pros: if a piece of jewelry is really well made, the back will be well finished also.

If you are buying a gift and you are not sure about the style of the piece of jewelry, why not give the perfect gemstone in a black velvet pouch and let the lucky recipient design her own perfect setting: many jewelers offer custom design services. Gems can speak louder than words. You can choose a gemstone that symbolizes what you want to say with your gift.

The Power of Healing in Gemstone

Gemstones are the life force of the mineral kingdom. They are said to be
storehouses of cosmic energy radiated to earth from the cosmos and the other
planets in our solar system. In a way they are a connection between the Earth
and the other heavenly bodies. In Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology it is taught
that gems will harness specific energies that will have the power to enhance
the overall quality of a person’s life.White light is divided into the
seven rays of visible color (as seen in the rainbow), as well as two rays that
are invisible, infrared and ultraviolet. In Ayurveda the proper balance of
these rays in the body is an inherent part of both physical and emotional
health. Whenever there is a lack of any of these cosmic rays within the body,
disease begins to manifest.

These cosmic rays are stored in great abundance within natural gemstones
and can never be depleted, even after years of use in gem therapy. Actually,
the color we see a gem to be is not necessarily the cosmic color that it
radiates. A simple experiment of viewing a gem through a prism will reveal the
actual cosmic color. Ruby is actually red and emerald green, but diamond
radiates an indigo color, blue sapphire a violet color, pearl an orange color
and many others actually transmit colors now seen to the naked eye. When used
in healing practice the gems will release the concentrated colors to the
physical and ethereal body.

Ayurveda and Vedic astrology speak of using specific applications of gems
for amplifying cosmic rays. A dynamic effect on one’s physical and emotional
health and wellbeing is brought about when gems are correctly prescribed and
utilized. Nine specific gems are used that transmit the nine specific light
rays of visible and invisible color. These gems’ healing qualities have been
written about in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Following are the cosmic
colors transmitted by these gems and just a few of the myriad benefits of each
to improving and maintaining health.

Ruby (transmits red color) transmits a powerful solar force that is
warming and stimulating, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the
heart and the flow of energy within the body.

  • Pearl (transmits orange color) transmits a gentle lunar force to cool
    and lubricate. It can counter dryness, strengthens the respiration and
    soothes the emotional self.
  • Red Coral (transmits yellow color) transmits a heating and strengthening
    force to the blood, muscles and bones. It is said to also be able to
    strengthen male sexual energy and is used as a remedy for impotence.
  • Emerald (transmits green color) transmits a cooling energy that will
    relieve pain in the body, calm tremors and calm mental nervousness. It
    promotes healing of burns and wounds and many other skin disorders such as
    Yellow sapphire (transmits blue color) fortifies body tissues in general
    and promotes vitality and longevity of life. It is wonderful as a general
    “tonic” for strengthening the body and has shown particularly dramatic
    results in the elderly.
  • Diamond (transmits indigo color) is energizing to the body and mind. It
    will strengthen lung function and is also used for female sexual problems
    from infertility to lack of desire.
  • Blue sapphire (transmits violet color) cools, cleanses and detoxifies
    the body. It has a phenomenal calming energy that in clinical treatments
    often puts a person to sleep, only to be awakened with freshness and
    increased vigor after only 20 minutes.
  • Hessonite garnet (transmits ultraviolet) strengthens and detoxifies
    nerve tissue and the endocrine system.
  • Chrysoberyl cats-eye (transmits infrared) increases heat in the body and
    removes toxins from the nervous system.


Gems are most effectively used in specially formulated “gem therapy” lamps
and the most advanced usages also utilize an electronic medical instrument
that imposes an additional vibration upon the light as it passes through the
gemstone and is beamed on the body.

Leading resort spas are using these instruments and lamps for calming and
energizing, as well as for increasing elasticity of skin. Specific spa
treatments have been developed and now used in conjunction with massage,
facials and other popular spa treatments. At a recent Resort and Medical Spa
exhibition one such instrument made by Balaji Gem Instruments, called the “Navaratna
Gem Lamps” attracted crowds as they were giving complementary treatments to
spa owners and attendees to show how effective this therapy is.

A prominent publisher of a European spa magazine proclaimed his belief that
“this kind of gem therapy is the medicine of the future”. Not only are natural
health practitioners such as naturopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners,
chiropractors and doctors of oriental medicine adding this therapy to their
practice, but a few progressive allopathic physicians and surgeons as well, we
feel that his comment could well be quite prophetic.

Just as ancient Ayurvedic healing is being embraced by numerous other
practitioners of different health care systems, this amazing method of healing
and revitalization is certain to become an important part of medicine and
healing worldwide.

Tips on searching and getting the right quality stone

Buying a gem is a beginning of a life-long relationship and the price you pay is part of the deal. Understandably, you don’t want to pay too much..

So how can you tell if you are paying the right price?

First of all, don’t ask how much you should pay for a one-carat sapphire. A one carat precious stone can be worth few dollars or it can be worth up to $10.000. Quality makes the difference. Fortunately you can see differences in quality if you look at a lot of sapphire, ruby or emerald by looking side-by-side. Better color costs more, a lot more. Better clarity costs more. Better cut may cost a little more but it is worth it! The bigger the stone, the more it is per carat. Within each variety, prices are based on these four Cs, with color as the most important factor.

But different varieties have different price ranges. Some varieties are lower in price because they are readily available, some because the color isn’t very popular (brown and yellow stones, for example), some because the material is relatively soft, and some because …they have all the right stuff but no one knows it. There are plenty of examples of beautiful rare gemstones that cost less than gems that are less rare because they have a funny name, or people get them confused with an inexpensive variety or no one has ever heard of them. But enough about the injustice of the gem market.

We can break the price ranges of the different gem varieties down into five basic categories: traditional gemstones, new classics, connoisseur gems, collector gemstones, and affordable gems. These categories have basic price ranges, but, again lower quality stones or stones with less popular colors may cost less and stones with particularly fine quality or color may cost more. These price ranges are meant to give you a general idea of the relationship of prices between different kinds of gemstones and not to serve as a price list, since color and quality can make such a difference.

The traditional gemstones are ruby, emerald and blue sapphire. Because of their lasting appeal and distinguished history, ruby, emerald and sapphire are more valuable than other colored gemstones. Generally, ruby and emerald are also priced higher than a comparable quality sapphire due to rarity. For a one-carat stone of average to good quality in the varieties in this category, you can expect to pay between $250 and $10,000 per carat. Of course truly fine gems will cost more.

The new classics are gemstones that are the rising stars of gemstone jewelry: tanzanite, tourmaline, aquamarine,imperial topaz, and tsavorite garnet. These gemstones are sometimes available in standardized sizes but you really should look at some fine larger single stones to see why they have so many fans. Gems in this category range between $50 to $1,000 per carat for an average to good quality one carat stone, with a good example of tsavorite easily reaching $1500 per carat. depend on the size

Connoisseur gems are gemstones that have a more specialized market because they are more rare. These gemstones include black opal, jadeite, pink topaz, chrysoberyl cat’s-eye, fancy colored sapphires, and rare stones like demantoid garnet and alexandrite. These gemstones are highly prized and prices range from $250 to $1000 per carat, although alexandrite with a good color change will command at least $2000 even in a one-carat size.

Collector’s gems are not available in quantity to be marketed effectively so you get a lot of beauty for the money. This category includes spinel, zircon, moonstone, morganite and other beryls, and many rare gemstones. Red and hot pink spinels can command a few thousand per carat but most of the gems in this category will sell for hundreds not thousands.

Then there are the affordable gemstones, which combine great color with a surprisingly reasonable price and good availability. These gems include some old favorites and some new gems: amethyst, white opal, citrineperidot, rhodolite garnet, blue topaz, iolite, chrome diopside, kunzite, andalusite, and many ornamental gemstones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, onyx, chrysoprase, nephrite jade, and amber. Prices for these gemstone range between $5 and $100 per carat for a one carat stone.

In every variety, especially the more expensive ones, you should expect to pay more for matched pairs, sets, and special shapes and cuts.

How To Combine Birthday With Spirituality

Sometimes, it can be harder than expected to find that perfect present for her –
whether the ‘her’ in question is a close female relative, your wife or a
girlfriend that you’ve been with for several years. Maybe you got her a necklace
for her Valentine’s Day and a pair of earrings for Christmas – but don’t feel
that you’ve exhausted the gift possibilities of jewellery. Birthstones, for
instance, can make a fantastic – and unique – birthday present that will lend a
wonderful personal touch to her birthday.

Each month of the year is represented by a separate birthstones, each of which
has its own distinct meaning. And the use of the birthstone as a symbol of good
luck on one’s birthday has a history which is said to stretch back as far as the
first century. In 1912, the American national association of Jewellers – the
Jewellers of America – created a standardised
People born in January have the garnet as their birthstones, a deep red stone
that was originally used in thirteenth century as an insect repellent and a
guard against evil spirits! Essentially, the garnet birthstone is said to
represent constancy, a symbol of faith and devotion. The February birthstone –
the delicate purple amethyst – on the other hand, was once considered by the
Greeks as an effective antidote against drunkenness! Despite this association,
the amethyst birthstone is now seen to infer sincerity.

Those born in March will have the benefit of the clear blue aquamarine as their
birthstone, a precious jewel that symbolises courage – a feature that
perhaps dates back to the stone’s use as a “magical” antidote to poison in the
Middle Ages. But April birthdays will enjoy the luxury of having the world’s
most stunning jewel, the diamond, as their birthstone. Diamonds have been a
symbol of purity and innocence since their first discovery, with attachments to
divine beings across the world. If your loved one is born in April, a diamond is
sure to show them how special they are.

People with a birthday in May will take pleasure in the rich green emerald, a
symbol of love and success, as their birthstone, while June birthdays will be
able to enjoy the soft hues of the pearl as their unique birthday stone. The
pearl symbolises health and longevity, and has traditionally been an emblem of
feminine regenerative power – an aspect of this particular birthstone that’s
sure to have its female recipients beaming with glee.

The strong red of the ruby, July’s designated birthstone, has long been
associated with the passion of love. But the birthstone ruby is more than this –
it also stands for contentment, freedom and charity. If your special someone has
a birthday in August, you’ll be able to offer them the light green peridot, a
birthstone that is said to traditionally bring its wearer peace and good luck.
What’s more, the peridot is a symbol of marital happiness – so if your wedding
anniversary is in August as well, the peridot will have a rich double meaning
for your wife.

While for many, September may signal the beginning of the year’s short days and
long nights, people with birthdays in September will love the feeling of having
the sapphire as their birthstone. One of the most beautiful blue jewels, the
sapphire is conventionally believed to attract the favour of the Gods, while it
represents clear thinking in the birthstone context. Opals will adorn the skin
of people with birthdays in October; opals are unique in that they’re available
in a variety of colours and hues, and symbolise hope.

November birthdays take the topaz as their birthstone. This orangey-brown jewel
has long been seen as the gemstone of spiritual rejuvenation and fidelity.
Ultimately, people born in December will be able to take pleasure in the
prophylactic qualities of the turquoise stone, a blue gem that is said to bring
prosperity to its owner – something that’s sure to come in handy at Christmas.

Birthstones can be set in a variety of jewellery type and in a range of
different types of metals. So whether you’re seeking sapphires set in white gold
earrings for your girlfriend’s birthday in September, or you’re keen to find a
diamond gold necklace for your mother’s 50th birthday next April, you’ll
definitely be able to find birthstone jewellery to fit your budget and your
special someone’s personal tastes.

Dazzling Diamonds, April’s Birthstone

14k Solid Gold Princess Cut Diamond Stud (

14k Solid Gold Princess Cut Diamond Stud (

“She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear,
lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow.”

If you were born in April then you may be lucky enough to receive a large amount of diamond jewelry in your lifetime, as this is your birthstone.  Diamonds are formed when carbon deep in the earth is compressed under massive pressure to form a clear stone,  this diamond ore is brought closer to the surface by volcanic activity.  Diamond’s are the hardest natural mineral in the world, and this, along with their ability to reflect light makes them highly desirable in jewelry.


Roughly 130 million carats of diamonds are mined each year,  and almost 50% of these come from Africa.  Diamonds are also found in Australia, Russia and even the US.
Diamonds have always been considered attractive and valuable gemstones, and have been associated with engagement rings and weddings.  Although many men struggle to find just the right engagement ring, with the huge selection of designer diamond rings available at reputable locations, there are hundreds of beautiful rings available to suit any budget or style.

Diamonds are believed to pass their clarity and longevity to the wearer and their relationships, helping them to find balance, strength and courage.  The stone is associated with the crownchakra, meaning that when worn it is thought to be able to encourage clearer thinking and focus.

Diamond jewelry is a gift to be treasured forever, and diamonds have been included in the designs of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and broochesfrom as early as the 8th century BC, when they were only found in India.  Traditionally, alongside diamond engagement rings,  diamond tennis bracelets are one of the most popular jewelry designs to use the stone,  and these are often given as a special gift to express love.

Sapphire is sometimes considered an alternative birthstone for April, and with the popularity of colorful gemstone rings , why not treat your loved one to a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring with a dazzling pink, blue or yellow sapphire.

A Tanzanite and diamond ring is another beautiful combination,  as the vibrant purple Tanzanite is highlighted by the clear, white sparkle of diamonds.

The traditional birth flower associated with April is the daisy,  so what better gift that a piece of jewelry which incorporates both diamonds and daisies?  Flower designs in jewelry have been particularly popular over the recent months, and the trend looks set to continue.  Diamond and daisy jewelry is a wonderful birthday gift for milestone ages such as 18, 21, 30 and 40, as the diamonds add class and significance while the daisy shape creates a feeling of fun and youth.  These diamond daisy earrings are cute and fashionable.

Of course, if you like things simpler,  what woman wouldn’t be overjoyed to receive a classic pair of diamond stud earrings for her birthday?  And if she was born in April,  your gift will hold even more meaning.