Shopping for the perfect designer ring for your engagement or wedding ring can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. Jewelry counters are filled with hundreds of diamond and gold rings, but sometimes none are ‘just right’. Perhaps you see a beautiful ring in platinum, but you would prefer a diamond ring in yellow gold. Or, maybe you are looking for an unusual setting for a diamond ring to give your fiance a designer ring that reflects her unique personality. Designing your own ring online lets you create a beautiful ring that you won’t find in any store.

Creating your own diamond designer ring online has many advantages. As the designer of the ring, you can make it to your exact preferences, choosing the setting for the engagement ring, the size and type of gemstone you want in the ring, and the color of the metal. Create a completely unique diamond ring in yellow gold, platinum or silver. Add other gemstones such as Tanzanite, emerald or rubies to your diamond designer ring. Using you and your fiancé’s birthstone, or the stone from the month that you met is an extremely romantic way to add extra special meaning to your engagement ring and is just one of the ways that you can create a one-of-kind designer ring that has personal meaning.

Browse through a selection of settings for engagement rings online to get an idea of what style you are looking for. Do you want something simple and classic, such as a plain band with a princess cut solitaire diamond? Or maybe you want to create an unusual setting for a diamond ring, with trillion cut gemstones and an asymmetrical design? When designing settings for an engagement ring, try to imagine what you (or your fiance) will wear. You want to design a beautiful ring that will be worn every day and will match the wearer’s sense of style. An unusual setting of the diamond ring might not be appreciated by someone who has a more traditional style, while the simpler, popular settings for an engagement ring might seem boring to a woman to likes to look different

One big advantage of designing rings online is that you are able to work with your budget. By changing the size, quality and type of gemstones in your designer ring, or the metal in the setting of an engagement ring, you can adjust the cost. For example, by choosing a setting for your diamond ring in yellow gold you may be able to afford a larger gemstone than if you opted for one of the more expensive platinum settings for an engagement ring.

Another plus is that you can design in your own time, playing with an almost endless selection of settings for an engagement ring, swapping gemstone shapes and colors, and even letting friends and family preview the designs to get their opinion on your designer ring. You will save time by not trailing around the jewelry shops trying to find the perfect, beautiful ring and will have fun creating your own, unique diamond designer ring.