Aquamarine gemstones vary in color and intensity, depending on their quality, and come in a range of shades from the pale blue of a waterfall to the strong azure of a deep ocean. Some aquamarines also display a slight sea green tinge. It is this similarity to watercolors that earned the stone its name, which literally meant 'sea water' in the ancient Italian used by Romans. Aquamarine jewelry was popular even then, with gemstones rin, earrings, necklaces, and brooches. Aquamarine gemstones have also been believed to hold many mystical powers related to water. It was thought to be able to purify water and grant it special healing powers, and early mystics would place aquamarine gemstones into vessels of water to be used in their healing and divination rituals. In the Middle Ages, the stone was also thought to have been a powerful antidote and was used to treat poisoning.

Modern-day healers still believe that Aquamarine has healing properties, particularly against infections, and it is said that wearing aquamarine earrings or an aquamarine necklace can help to ease the symptoms of tonsillitis and throat infections. Sailors also believed that aquamarine gemstones would protect them at sea, guarding against evil spirits and helping to bring them good fortune on their journeys, so they created necklaces using the gemstone as a talisman.

Traditionally, aquamarine is said to bring good fortune to those who wear it, and many believe that the stone can rekindle romance, and increase trust and harmony in relationships. For this reason, aquamarines make a sentimental and meaningful choice of the gemstone to add to a diamond eternity rings or other designer rings. Aquamarine gemstones look truly beautiful in rings, and their soft blue shade is bound to be admired and appreciated by everyone.

The stones are found all over the world, but most gemstones used in designer rings, necklaces and earrings come from mines in Brazil and Russia. Aquamarine jewelry is highly desirable, as most of these gemstones are naturally pure with few blemishes, inclusions or other flaws. This means that they are also more affordable than some other gemstones such as sapphires. Pale, sparkling aquamarines make beautiful but cheap engagement rings, and there is no reason why a semi-precious engagement ring should look any less beautiful than a diamond engagement ring. They also symbolize security and safety for long-term relationships, so what better gemstone to use in a designer engagement ring

Aquamarine comes from the 'beryl family of stones and is closely related to the emerald. emerald gemstones are rarer, and therefore more expensive, but they make beautiful emerald and diamond rings, and emerald stud earrings look great with any outfit. Aquamarine or emerald jewelry make ideal gifts for loved ones with birthdays in March. Or why not treat your Mom to a stunning 3 stone emerald diamond ring for Mother's Day