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A Gem Amongst Gems

A gemstone is a breathtaking sight that in some mysterious way to capture our imagination and causes a gasp of admiration. But despite the fact that a gemstone may look great to the eye, it is necessary to inquire carefully about the gemstone quality in order to avoid further disappointment. The factors to consider are the gemstone color and cut as well as the quality of the metal setting.

Sparkling and colorful, all gemstones styles can arouse a wide range of emotions, but not leave anyone indifferent.

Their shine and brilliance is sure to implant admiration even into the most callous soul. In terms of universal respect and recognition gemstone quality jewelry outshines any other object used for personal adornment. Gemstone articles get a great deal of appreciation from those who find true beauty in their dazzling brilliance and the subtle glow of the setting, and this fact triggers the development of gemstones trade.Precious gemstones are also valued and recognized for their durability and their main positive attribute apart from breathtaking beauty, is their permanence. However, there is still risk that due to poor gemstone quality or any external detrimental factors, gemstones of any styles and types will lose their initial look and begin to look pathetic rather than breathtaking. In that case it appears appropriate to use gemstone enhancement methods as a remedy to improve gemstone quality.
There are several types available: permanent methods (namely laser drilling, heating and radiation) and temporary methods (bleaching, oiling and waxing) that can be of considerable help and applicable for all gemstones styles.

Speaking about the gemstones styles available, it is necessary to mention that there is a staggering diversity of options in that respect. To name just a few of those available would be: pear, round, oval, marquise, and others. There are a few even more sophisticated ones like bow-tie style. Before purchasing a gemstone jewelry , it is crucial to take proper care in assuring the gemstone quality as well as the reliability of the metal setting. The notion of gemstone quality is made up of several aspects, namely the gemstone color and cut, size and weight, as well as whether the gemstone has undergone any kind of treatment.

It seems opportune here to provide the reader, who is likely to be the lucky owner of a collection of gemstones, with a few tips concerning the storing of gemstones and their maintenance.

It goes without saying that gemstones are appreciated not only for their appealing look, its amazing glow and shine, but also for their durability, which was recognized already in the earliest times as an intrinsic gemstone quality. Notwithstanding the fact, the certain rules of gemstone wearing and storing, similar for all gemstones styles, are obligatory to observe in order to prevent the precious mineral from losing its charm.

First and foremost it is essential to keep articles of jewelry with gemstones away from each other in order to prevent them from scratching each other; there is additional risk that the gemstone that is intrinsically tougher than metal may damage the surface of the metal setting.

In terms of maintenance occasional cleaning using gentle soap and a soft tooth brush (referred to as gemstone bath is required in order to get rid of the dust maintain the appealing look. Provided that good care of them is taken, including occasional cleaning and appropriate storing, they are sure to last for centuries and therefore successfully acquire the status of a family treasure and be passed on to successive generations.

Perfect Diamond For the Perfect Love

Diamonds are associated with the finest things in life, and a diamond engagement ring is possibly the most significant diamond purchase that you will make during your lifetime.Browsing jewelry stores and catalogs can be overwhelming, with each one guaranteeing that they offer the best quality selection. So how can you be sure that you are getting a great diamond in that designer ring?

Finding the perfect beautiful ring for the woman that you love can be a difficult job if you don’t know what you are looking for.When you propose you want her to know that only the finest, superior quality diamond ring is good enough for her, and you should also take care to find a designer ring that suits her style and taste to make the ring more personal.

When it comes to diamonds size matters, but is only a part of what you should look for in an engagement ring.The physical size, or weight, of a diamond is measure in carats, but just because a diamond is large doesn’t mean that it is high quality, or even attractive.In fact, many of the largest stones that you see on display in jewelry counters may not even be real, or natural diamonds.To truly appreciate a diamond you need to take into consideration the other 3 cs of diamonds, namely cut, clarity and color.

The finest diamond designer rings will display exquisite cuts, a high level of clarity, and a pure color.However, if you are looking for a cheap engagement ring you can opt to choose a higher grade of one element over another to keep the price of your designer ring within your budget.For example, if you are happy with a diamond that has flaws ‘only visible under close inspection’ then you will be able to afford a larger carat.A diamond with a cut that is not quite perfect might be technically less valuable but could create an unusual fire and sparkle to enhance the clarity of the gem.

Each piece of diamond jewelry that you purchase should come with a certificate to show you exactly what the rating is for each ‘c’.The beauty of buying a diamond designer ring online is that a good site will often display that useful information right alongside each beautiful ring.Some may even let you search by settings for your engagement ring, by diamond type or by price range letting you find a precious engagement ring within your budget.

Modern designer rings now also offer choices in other gemstones for engagement rings in tantalizing color combinations such as diamond and tanzanite rings or pink saphire and diamond rings.Settings for engagement rings can also vary, ranging from modern designer styles to classic and traditional settings.

The important this is to choose a diamond ring not based on size or price alone, but to choose a designer ring that you feel she will love and treasure forever, because that is was an engagement ring symbolizes.

Navigate the Seven Seas of Finding a Diamond

When it comes to finding a great diamond, everyone has heard of the 4 C’s:

(image credit: Capture Queen)

#1 Color. Color is a rating from D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and so on. A little known fact is that there are no A, B, and C ratings. The GIA scale gem white is colorless, the color D. The better the color the more the cost.

(image credit: KaCey97007)

#2 – Cut. This is the shape of the diamond, be it, round (brilliant), emerald, princess, oval, or pear. The cut is how well the material is made – symmetry and polish are key to the brilliance of a diamond.

(image credit: John-Morgan)

#3 – Carat. This is measured by weight. One hundred points is equal to one carat. The larger the stone the more the cost. Sometimes a few points can cause a very large increase in price, especially right around the full carat mark.

(image credit: bschmove)

#4 – Clarity. A stone can be flawless, internally flawless, have flaws not perceived by the human eye, eye imperfect can have many different and various flaws of different sizes that can be seen by the naked eye. We use a ten powered jeweler’s loop to view the diamond. The cleaner the stone the more the value.

The combination of cut and brilliance can also influence the price dramatically. A professional should take the necessary time to explain all the issues and find the right product for you.

Now, let’s talk about the other 3 C’s that you should be thinking about when making the largest purchase besides your car or house:

(image credit: jenn_jenn)

#5 – Cost. The professional should set a standard of how much you should invest in the diamond verses the mounting for example. A good salesman will spend his customers budget wisely verses his needs.

#6 – Common Sense. If something looks better than the quality go with it versus the perfection with certain limitations. Some people get so concerned about the certification write up, that they wind up with a piece of paper versus the best looking final product they could have afforded.

#7 – Customize. We have to customize the product for the event. For example, the event could be an engagement, wedding, anniversary, or birthday. These occassions we cherish and remember and hand down from one generation to the next. People who give it and receive it will always cherish it.

All the 7 C’s are very important. You need a trustworthy professional to explain the ins and outs of all these and what is important to your needs.