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December Birthstones : Tropical Blue Sea meets the Autumn Blue Sky

Turquoise had been popular in many ancient civilizations such as those in Egypt, Persia, China, and the Americas. Europeans got to know about this then “exotic gem from the east” from the Turkish traders (hence the name) that brought them over from Persia.
Turquoise art
Turquoise gems are still widely sought after today because of their unique combination of color and opacity. It is one of the most popular non-transparent gems around. Turquoise looks good on any setting, metal or otherwise. Cabochon, beads, and other fancy shapes are the most common cuts instead of facets. Exceptionally large nuggets and blocks of turquoise can also be sculptured into various types of wearable works of art or non-wearable decorative items.
Turquoise character
Turquoise has hues that vary from blue to green or yellow green, with all the possible combinations in between. It has a sheen or luster that is typically similar to that of wax or rough glass; and it is one of the softest of gemstones, having a Mohs scale hardness rating of only 6, which is one rank below that of the common mineral quartz. Turquoise specimens are also highly porous because they are made up of millions of individual interlocking cryptocrystalline turquoise crystals. Brown, black, or gray-brown flecks or veins made up of other minerals such as pyrite are often found embedded in turquoise.
Turquoise care
Because of its softness, turquoise is usually treated either with wax or resin. Wax treatment of turquoise has been practiced since ancient times and it does not add or detract from the value of the gem since most turquoise has a natural waxy luster. Bare turquoise pieces must be periodically waxed (with beeswax or paraffin) to protect them from light, heat, perfumes, moisture, sweat, and so on. Resin treatment imparts greater durability to each individual specimen compared to waxing. Resin treatments are sometimes preceded by color-enhancing treatments; but the highest quality turquoise gems do not need to be color enhanced and as such are only treated with colorless protective resins.
Blue Topaz
In contrast to the opaque turquoise, blue topaz–the substitute modern birthstone for December–is exceedingly clear and transparent, particularly the highest-quality gem specimens. Topaz typically has the luster of diamond or glass, which also contrasts with the waxy or rough glass luster of turquoise. Naturally blue topaz is quite rare and usually has a pale blue or sky-blue tone. The purer the blue hue (little or no extraneous browns or grays), the higher the values these gems acquire.
Topaz treatments
Some blue topazes get their color from radiation and heat treatments. These treatments are acceptable as long as they are declared. Usually the darker the resultant tone (e.g., London blue), the more expensive the specimen. However, note that irradiation and heat treatments may make topaz gems more brittle thereby making them more sensitive to mechanical stress and wear. Reputable labs that treat topazes indicate the appropriate enhancement codes and gem re-fashioning warnings on their product literature.
For additional information on topazes, please see our previous article on this November birthstone.

The Power of Healing in Gemstone

Gemstones are the life force of the mineral kingdom. They are said to be
storehouses of cosmic energy radiated to earth from the cosmos and the other
planets in our solar system. In a way they are a connection between the Earth
and the other heavenly bodies. In Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology it is taught
that gems will harness specific energies that will have the power to enhance
the overall quality of a person’s life.White light is divided into the
seven rays of visible color (as seen in the rainbow), as well as two rays that
are invisible, infrared and ultraviolet. In Ayurveda the proper balance of
these rays in the body is an inherent part of both physical and emotional
health. Whenever there is a lack of any of these cosmic rays within the body,
disease begins to manifest.

These cosmic rays are stored in great abundance within natural gemstones
and can never be depleted, even after years of use in gem therapy. Actually,
the color we see a gem to be is not necessarily the cosmic color that it
radiates. A simple experiment of viewing a gem through a prism will reveal the
actual cosmic color. Ruby is actually red and emerald green, but diamond
radiates an indigo color, blue sapphire a violet color, pearl an orange color
and many others actually transmit colors now seen to the naked eye. When used
in healing practice the gems will release the concentrated colors to the
physical and ethereal body.

Ayurveda and Vedic astrology speak of using specific applications of gems
for amplifying cosmic rays. A dynamic effect on one’s physical and emotional
health and wellbeing is brought about when gems are correctly prescribed and
utilized. Nine specific gems are used that transmit the nine specific light
rays of visible and invisible color. These gems’ healing qualities have been
written about in Ayurveda for thousands of years. Following are the cosmic
colors transmitted by these gems and just a few of the myriad benefits of each
to improving and maintaining health.

Ruby (transmits red color) transmits a powerful solar force that is
warming and stimulating, promoting blood circulation, strengthening the
heart and the flow of energy within the body.

  • Pearl (transmits orange color) transmits a gentle lunar force to cool
    and lubricate. It can counter dryness, strengthens the respiration and
    soothes the emotional self.
  • Red Coral (transmits yellow color) transmits a heating and strengthening
    force to the blood, muscles and bones. It is said to also be able to
    strengthen male sexual energy and is used as a remedy for impotence.
  • Emerald (transmits green color) transmits a cooling energy that will
    relieve pain in the body, calm tremors and calm mental nervousness. It
    promotes healing of burns and wounds and many other skin disorders such as
    Yellow sapphire (transmits blue color) fortifies body tissues in general
    and promotes vitality and longevity of life. It is wonderful as a general
    “tonic” for strengthening the body and has shown particularly dramatic
    results in the elderly.
  • Diamond (transmits indigo color) is energizing to the body and mind. It
    will strengthen lung function and is also used for female sexual problems
    from infertility to lack of desire.
  • Blue sapphire (transmits violet color) cools, cleanses and detoxifies
    the body. It has a phenomenal calming energy that in clinical treatments
    often puts a person to sleep, only to be awakened with freshness and
    increased vigor after only 20 minutes.
  • Hessonite garnet (transmits ultraviolet) strengthens and detoxifies
    nerve tissue and the endocrine system.
  • Chrysoberyl cats-eye (transmits infrared) increases heat in the body and
    removes toxins from the nervous system.


Gems are most effectively used in specially formulated “gem therapy” lamps
and the most advanced usages also utilize an electronic medical instrument
that imposes an additional vibration upon the light as it passes through the
gemstone and is beamed on the body.

Leading resort spas are using these instruments and lamps for calming and
energizing, as well as for increasing elasticity of skin. Specific spa
treatments have been developed and now used in conjunction with massage,
facials and other popular spa treatments. At a recent Resort and Medical Spa
exhibition one such instrument made by Balaji Gem Instruments, called the “Navaratna
Gem Lamps” attracted crowds as they were giving complementary treatments to
spa owners and attendees to show how effective this therapy is.

A prominent publisher of a European spa magazine proclaimed his belief that
“this kind of gem therapy is the medicine of the future”. Not only are natural
health practitioners such as naturopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners,
chiropractors and doctors of oriental medicine adding this therapy to their
practice, but a few progressive allopathic physicians and surgeons as well, we
feel that his comment could well be quite prophetic.

Just as ancient Ayurvedic healing is being embraced by numerous other
practitioners of different health care systems, this amazing method of healing
and revitalization is certain to become an important part of medicine and
healing worldwide.