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Where To Buy Fine Jewelry Online?

Jewelry is used as an object of body adornment throughout the world. Jewelry, in different parts of the world has unique designs, characteristics and craftsmanship depending upon local art, customs and traditions.

People purchase jewelry for many reasons. Jewelry adorns outfits, and enhances one’s own personal style. There’s jewelry for casual and everyday wear, and pieces saved and worn on special occasions like parties, holidays and weddings. Perhaps, most important, people buy jewelry to express their love and affection to the people who are special in their lives. There are some who purchase jewelry solely for investment. Whatever your reason, on-line jewelry shopping has become increasingly popular. Read more »

Astral Topaz: November’s Birthstone From the Sky

From azure blue to yellow sun to orange sunset, topaz is the jewel of the sky. The pure transparency plus the vivid colors of topaz remind one of being on top of a mountain and reveling in the changing beauty of the sky.

Topaz variety

Topaz is clear and transparent when pure and it’s the impurities that give it its various shades of yellow, gold, pink, orange, red, light-purple, light-brown, green, and blue. Blue topaz has become very popular and its color ranges in tone from the very light sky blue to the mid-toned Swiss blue, and finally, to the darker-toned London blue. Pink and yellow precious topazes are particularly well sought after as they are quite rare, with some of the yellow gems exhibiting the even rarer (among topazes) cat’s eye effect. Imperial topaz shows the characteristic but varying combinations of pink, yellow, tan, orange, and red hues.

Topaz charm

Topaz legends ascribe various beneficial effects on someone wearing this gem such as better vision, greater strength, increased intelligence, higher creativity, and so on. When choosing topaz jewelry pieces, consider carefully the design of the settings, making sure that the gem is adequately protected from the jolts and knocks of daily use. Jewelry worn on parts of the body that do not often come into contact with everyday objects are the ideal pieces for setting topazes. Earrings and Necklaces, for example, are ideal mounts for topaz gems.

Topaz is harder than quartz and ranks 8 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale. Topaz is in fact the indicator mineral for that rank. Topaz also exhibits a perfect cleavage in one direction which make it less tougher than other gemstones such as beryls and sapphires. But when set properly in well-designed mounts, topaz gems can last a lifetime and can easily outshine other more well-known gems.

High-quality topaz gems have no visible blemishes (surface scratches) and few or no visible inclusions (internal “bubbles” or tiny trapped non-topaz crystals). Large topaz gems of the highest clarity (“flawless”), vivid colors, and sparkling cuts command the best prices. The pink, red, or deep-yellow colored natural topazes, especially cat’s eye topazes, are the most valuable.

Famous topaz gems

Considerable topaz gem deposits can be found in many parts of the world from the Americas to Asia, Europe, and Russia. Famous topazes include the colorless Braganza (previously mistaken for a diamond) on the Portuguese Crown, the El-Dorado Topaz (31,000 carats, yellow-brown color), and the Lua de Maraba (>25,000 carats, gray color). All of these topazes are Brazilian in origin.

Mystical Aquamarine, The March Birthstone.

Aquamarine gemstones vary in color and intensity, depending on their quality, and come in a range of shades from the pale blue of a waterfall to the strong azure of a deep ocean.  Some aquamarine’s also display a slight sea green tinge.  It is this similarity to water colors that earned the stone it’s name, which literally meant ‘sea water’ in the ancient Italian used by Romans.  Aquamarine jewelry was popular even then, with gemstones rin, earrings, necklaces and brooches. Aquamarine gemstones have also been believed to hold many mystical powers related to water.  It was thought to be able to purify water and grant it special healing powers,  and early mystics would place aquamarine gemstones into vessels of water to be used in their healing and divination rituals.  In the Middle Ages, the stone was also thought to have been a powerful antidote, and was used to treat poisoning.
Modern day healers still believe that Aquamarine has healing properties, particularly against infections, and it is said that wearing aquamarine earrings or an aquamarine necklace can help to ease the symptoms of tonsillitis and throat infections.
Sailors also believed that aquamarine gemstones would protect them at sea, guarding against evil spirits and helping to bring them good fortune on their journeys, so they created necklaces using the gemstone as a talisman.
Traditionally,  aquamarine is said to bring good fortune to those who wear it, and many believe that the stone can rekindle romance, and increase trust and harmony in relationships.  For this reason, aquamarines make a sentimental and meaningful choice of gemstone to add to a diamond eternity ring, or other designer ring.  Aquamarine gemstones look truly beautiful in rings, and their soft blue shade is bound to be admire and appreciated by everyone.
The stones are found all over the world, but most gemstones used in designer rings, necklaces and earrings come from mines in Brazil and Russia.  Aquamarine jewelry is highly desirable,  as most of these gemstones are naturally pure with few blemishes, inclusions or other flaws.  This means that they are also more affordable than some other gemstones such as sapphires.  Pale, sparkling aquamarines make beautiful but cheap engagement rings,  and there is no reason why a semi precious engagement ring should look any less beautiful than a diamond engagement ring.  They also symbolize security and safety for long term relationships, so what better gemstone to use in a designer engagement ring
Aquamarine comes from the ‘beryl’ family of stones and is closely related to the emerald. emerald gemstones are more rare, and therefor more expensive,  but they make beautiful emerald and diamond rings, and emerald stud earrings look great with any outfit.  Aquamarine or emerald jewelry make ideal gifts for loved ones with birthdays in March.  Or why not treat your Mom to a stunning 3 stone emerald diamond ring for Mother’s Day