Free Lifetime Warranty

Benefits of The JewelryNest Warranty

JewelryNest fully stands behind the products we sell. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring the quality of your purchase. Our jewelry is manufactured in u.s.a using the highest quality materials and is checked and inspected before shipment.

Not to be considered manufacturing defects include:

The discoloration of precious metals is caused by chemicals, makeup, immersion in pools and hot tubs, or bathing. Precious metals, especially prongs, wear down over time and may require restoration work as part of normal wear. Prongs that intend or bend over time due to everyday wear or typical damage allow a gemstone to fall out. The loss of a gem caused by ordinary wear or other damage.

What Does the JewelryNest Warranty Cover?

Ring adjustment

  • JewelryNest will gladly resize a ring that is too small or too large, FREE of charge! (Exclude Shipping)

Stones Replacement

  • We will be happy to replace the missing stones. However, the warranty does not cover the new stone's cost.

Rhodium Plating

  • We will be pleased to polish and rhodium plate your jewelry. It will reinforce the surface, which helps resist scratches. Warranty Terms If there is ever a problem with your jewelry or you require other services not included under our lifetime warranty, you can mail your jewelry back to our office for evaluation*. Once inspected, should charges apply, you will be notified before any work is done to service your jewelry.

Warranty Terms

The manufacturer's warranty defects exclude lost stones, lost or stolen parts; damages due to personal misuse or negligence; general wear and tear such as scratches and dents; fading or chipping (which depends almost entirely on how the user handles the product)' damages caused by misuse; tampering with the product; failure to follow the care and special handling provisions in the instructions (if included), and water damage. Repair performed by someone other than JewelryNest will void this warranty policy. Shipping charges are not included and are the responsibility of the consumer.