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The cost of a diamond is determined by:

dotThe combination of the 4Cs.

dotThe availability in the market.

dot The choices you make about these combinations of quality determine the cost to you, the consumer.

Is color the most important consideration for you? Perhaps it is clarity. Is your desire a one-carat ideal cut, or would you choose some desirable combination of these cost-determining factors to arrive at the perfect diamond for your item? 
The price per karat is higher for a 1.00 karat diamond than for a 0.50 karat diamond of equal cut, color, and clarity. An example of this might be a 1ct. VS2 G color diamond at the cost of $6700 per karat. = The total cost would be $6700 compared to a .50ct. VS2 G color diamond at $2400 per carat as 0.50 X $2400 = $1200. Remember that around 1.00 karat, VS2, G color with a good cut is more expensive than a .0.50 karat stone of equal clarity, color, and cut. This price difference of equal quality diamonds of different weights is determined by the price per karat for that size range. The bigger the diamond, the higher the color and clarity grade, and the better the cut, the more expensive the diamond cost.
JewelryNest can provide you with a competitive selection of diamonds for your comparison. Still, ultimately the choice will be based on your budget and personal preference for a given diamonds' overall appeal.