Round Sterling-Silver Cabochon Rhodolite Garnet Cuff-Link Sterling-Silver Round Cabushion Amethyst Cuff-Link 18K Gold Art Deco Reproduction Citrine Cufflink (6.95 18K Gold Art Deco Reproduction Amethyst Cufflink ( 18K Gold Art Deco Reproduction Peridot Cufflink (8.53 18K Solid Yellow Gold Reproduction Cufflink (14.5 Sterling Silver Textured Italian Cable Cuff Link Sterling Silver Black Rhodium Textured Italian Cable Cuff Link 14k Diamond Green Forest Engagement Ring ( 14k Gold Briolette Teardrop Gemstone Earrings ( 14k Gold Tear-Drop-Briolette-Pink Tourmaline Earrings ( 14k Gold Diamond Smoky-Topaz Dangle Earring (20.10 14k Solid Gold Round Smoky-Topaz Dangle Hoop Earrings ( 14K Yellow Semi-Precious Chandelier Dangle Earrings ( 14k Gold Gemstones Dangle briolette Earrings ( 14k Gold Lemon-Quartz-Diamond Dangle Earring (20.10 14k Gold Tear-Drop Briolette Smoky Topaz Earrings ( 14k Double Face Smoky Topaz Briolette Hoop Earrings ( 14k Gold Double Face Round Amethyst Hoop Earrings ( 14k Gold Double Face Citrine Briolette Hoop Earrings ( 14k Gold Double Face Round Swiss Blue Hoop Earrings ( 14k Gold Tear-Drop Briolette Quartz Hoop Earrings ( 14k Blue Chalcedony Sapphire Dangle Earring (20.10 14k Black Diamond Green Agate Drop Earring (20.10 14k Solid Gold Diamond Butterfly Earrings ( 14k Gold Tear-Drop Briolette Swiss Blue Hoop Earrings ( 14k Gold Checkerboard Smoky Topaz Drop Dangle Earrings (17.0 14k Rose-Cut Round Citrine Dangle Hoop Earrings ( 14k Multi-Gems Chandelier Drop Earrings ( 14k Gold Multi Stone Chandelier Briolette Earrings ( 14k Multi-Gemstone Chandelier Dangle Earrings ( 14k Sapphire Multi Gemstone Briolette Earrings ( 14k Solid Gold Tear-Drop Amethyst Earring ( 14k Lemon Citrine Solid Gold Dangle Earrings ( 14k Solid Gold Dangle Madeira Citrine Drop Earrings ( 14k Solid Gold Orange Citrine Drop Earrings ( 14k Oval Amethyst Solid Gold Dangle Earrings ( 14k Gold Multi-Gemstones Butterfly Drop Earring ( 14k Gold Rose Cut Gemstone Drop Earrings (29.0 14k Multi Round Gemstones Dangle Earrings ( 14k Swiss-Blue Briolette Tread Earrings ( 14k Gold Pear Shape Citrine Drop Chain Earrings ( 14k Gold Tear Drop Peridot Dangle Chain Earrings ( 14k Pink Sapphire Red Agate Dangle Earring (20.10 14k Colored Tourmaline Blue-Topaz Earrings ( 14k Gold Round Amethyst European Back Earring ( 14k Gold Round Amethyst Dangle Drop Earring ( 14k Gold Round Amethyst Prong Earring Stud ( 14k Gold Peridot Chandelier Briolette Earrings ( 14k Gold Pear-Shape Rose-Cut Citrine Dangle Earring (
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